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Nigerian adventures of a Dutch fish farmer

Nigerian Adventures Of A Dutch Fish Farmer

This is an autobiographical collection of stories about Willy’s life experiences especially in Nigeria. This masterpiece brings to you an intriguing story of about a Whiteman, who despite excelling so well as a fish farmer and consultant in the aquaculture industry in Europe, in turn of event, decided to relocate to Nigeria. This is going to be perhaps one of the most captivating stories you will read. It is intriguing, suspense filled and hilarious. The book is suited for all kinds of readers. Africans, Nigerians, Travellers, Tourists, and perhaps those who want to see Nigeria through the eyes of a whiteman. Do you need a copy?

African Catfish Farmers Handbook

African Catfish Farmers Handbook

This legacy edition of African Catfish Farmer’s Handbook is priceless gift for the present and the future generation of fish farmers and also for the students of aquaculture and fisheries all over the world. Willy, exemplifies different techniques of doing profitable fish farming and management. He bares his thoughts and shares over 30 years experience of building /installing of Hatcheries (Re-circulatory Aquaculture Systems), Grow-out system and Fish farm management both Africa and other parts of the world. In today’s world of Fish farming, ” the key to success is doing it right always, not cutting corners” Mr Willy Fleuren says.