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Aquaculture Consultant
Nigerian adventures of a Dutch fish farmer

About The book

This is an autobiographical collection of stories about Willy’s life experiences especially in Nigeria. This masterpiece brings to you an intriguing story of about a Whiteman, who despite excelling so well as a fish farmer and consultant in the aquaculture industry in Europe, in turn of event, decided to relocate to Nigeria. This is going to be perhaps one of the most captivating stories you will read. It is intriguing, suspense filled and hilarious. The book is suited for all kinds of readers. Africans, Nigerians, Travellers, Tourists, and perhaps those who want to see Nigeria through the eyes of a whiteman.

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    Table of contents


    Running a fish business in Ibadan: unexpected, challenging but rewarding at the end

    1. A Turning point in my life
    2. Becoming a business partner of a wealthy
    Nigerian family
    3. Rescuing the business after Lanre’s death
    4. Farewell Lanre, may your soul rest in peace
    5. I n times of trouble you will know your friends
    6. Global Fish Industries Ltd, a show case for
    7. Facing the problems after Lanre’s funeral
    8. Facing my wahala as a minor shareholder of a
    Nigerian family business
    9. On holiday with my wife in Nigeria!
    10. The unplanned money maker
    11. Becoming popular in Nigeria


    Nigerian habits you hardly get used to

    1. Nigerian mentality and Nigerian time.
    2. The meaning of borrowing money in Nigeria.
    3. The different worlds of domestics flights and


    Never a dull moment with Nigerians

    1. Who pays the bills is in charge.
    2. Carp to feed the eye and the business reverend
    from Ekiti.
    3. The tilapia we couldn’t sell and beautiful girls … 
    4. Angry Nigerian immigration officers and Cecelia.
    5. Copying African art.
    6. Take me down to the river.


    Goodbye Holland

    1. Promises which didn’t last.
    2. The wrong reason to stop fish farming in the Netherlands.
    3. A friend I neglected to appreciate when I could!
    4. I s there time for a midlife crisis in Nigeria?
    5. My first marriage got worse, my divorce became a success.
    6. When you start thinking with your penis.
    7. Reminiscing and the life of a bachelor.


    Starting my second life at the age of 50

    1. My African love affair.
    2. Bad luck in Nigeria and good luck in Kenya.
    3. Cultural differences.


    Have Mercy 

    1. Getting serious with Mercy.
    2. Our wedding.
    3. Our son Gerrit is born.
    4. Mercy and Gerrit visit the Netherlands for the first time.


    Business adventures in Africa

    1. Benin Republic, so close but so different.
    2. Start afresh with cage farming.
    3. Meeting a South African in Congo and a Greek in Malawi.
    4. Mali and the Niger River.
    5. Beautiful nonsense in Kenya.
    6. A joint venture to produce extruded fish feeds in Nigeria.


    More Nigeria through the eyes of a white man 

    1. Politics and politicians.
    2. Driving in convoy.
    3. The Nigerian environment touches my heart.
    4. Setting up fish feed shops with my brother-in-law.
    5. The story of the African pied crow.


    Family life in Nigeria

    1. Joan is born.
    2. Double blood children at my age?
    3. Kidney cancer.

    CHAPTER 10

    Settling in Abuja

    1. Buying fake land and setting up a hatchery again.
    2. Selling shares and buying a house in Jabi, Nigeria.
    3. A Hausa offer I couldn’t refuse.
    4. Friends in Abuja.
    5. Northern Nigeria and its culture.

    CHAPTER 11

    Feeling the urge to share my experiences 

    1 African catfish farmer’s handbook.
    2. Happy in Nigeria?
    3. Why I wrote this book.

    Translations of pidgin quotes